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Hair Tinsel

What is Hair Tinsel?

Hair tinsel is the latest hair trend taking over our social media feeds. 
Hair tinsel are thin pieces of iridescent tinsel that are attached to the hair by either the tie
in method or the nano bead extension method. They are great for bachelorettes, birthday parties, festivals, graduations, vacations or just to try something new.

What is the Tie In Method?

The tie in method is when the tinsel is attached by tying it to strands of hair on top of the head. 
Great for occasions, special events, short term commitment. 
Children can be booked under half head appointments. 
Half head appointments are MAX 10 pcs of hair tinsel.
Full head appointments MAX 20 pcs of hair tinsel.

What is the Nano Bead Method?

The nano bead extensions are attached under a section of hair with multiple pcs of hair tinsel and a nano bead to keep it in place.This method is good for people who want hair tinsel long term as you can keep this in as long as you’d like.This method requires maintenance for long term wear past 4 weeks, where you come in for a quick appointment to move up the nano bead with hair growth every 4 weeks.

What about Removal?

With tie in hair tinsel they will fall out on their own over the course of a week or so with brushing and washing your hair. 

With nano bead hair tinsel you will have to book a removal appointment as it is clamped into your hair with a nano bead. 

Are they waterproof?

Yes! Shower with them, be wear tie in hair tinsel is not meant to last throw multiple hair washes but nano bead hair tinsel is. 

Are they heat resistant?

Yes ! You can still use your favourite hot tools with hair tinsel.

What colours do you have?

Green, purple, blue, red, rainbow, light blue, brown, silver, clear/holographic, silver/pink/gold mix, pink and gold.

Is it suitable to all hair types?

Shortest should be at least chin length hair and super curly hair is not advised as the hair tinsel comes in pin straight.

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