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In-Person Tooth Gem Training

1 Day of Training

Lash X Brow Studio is excited to share that we have partnered with ShastaDanielle to be able to offer you this training course. This In-person Tooth Gem Course was created and will be facilitated by Shasta the owner of ShastaDanielle. Training will take place at Lash X Brow Studio located at 241 Dunsdon St, Unit 111, Brantford Ontario.  

For more information on their training programs or products visit

What is covered with this course?

This meticulously designed course ensures students' success in offering tooth gem services. Participants will leave feeling confident and fully equipped to start providing tooth gems professionally.

What is included with this Course?

With this course you will receive...

  1. Extensive Training Kit

  2. Training Manual.

  3. Hands on training.

  4. Certificate in Tooth Gems.

  5. Student Discount of 15% off ShastaDanielle AND Lash X Brow Studio Products.*

  6. Lifetime mentorship and coaching. 

What will be covered in training?

Legal Considerations

Insurance Requirements

Client Consent & Waiver 

Business Registration & Licensing

Health & Safety

Infection Protection & Control

Cross Contamination

All About Disinfection

Sterilization & Critical Items

Disinfect or Dispose

What is a Tooth Gem


Product Knowledge

Tooth Anatomy & Theory

Tooth Gem Procedure


What is included in the Training Kit?

x100 Disposable Micro Swabs

x90 Cotton Rounds

x40 Syring Tips

x25 Swarovski Tooth Gems

x20 Lip Retractors

x20 70%Alcohol Swabs

x5 Masks

x5 Bibs

x5 Non-Latex Gloves

x1 Dental Etch  

x1 Dental Bond

x1 Dental Flowable

x1 Safety Glasses

x1 Dampen Dish

x1 Vaseline 

x1 Bib Clip

x1 Tooth Practice Model

x1 Small Tooth Gem Container

x1 Tooth Gem Wax Pencil

x1 Curing Light

How much does this course cost?

Private In-Person Training $899

Online Training $499

Deposit: Please note that a deposit of $200 is required to secure your seat. 

All deposits are non-refundable. Price does not include tax. Your remaining balance is due on the first day of training before class begins.  

Practice Models.

A live model will be required in order to receive your certification. Students are responsible for arranging their own models to work on that day. If students are unable to find models, please provide as much notice as possible and we will try our best to find models for you. 


For more information, please email Shasta at


This course, content and products is provided by ShastaDanielle and being held at Lash X Brow Studio.

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