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Makeup Services

Enhance your Beauty with Our Exceptional Makeup Services offered by
Cassandra of C.J Artistry

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Our Selection of Makeup Services

Experience the magic of makeup with our versatile range of services. From natural and radiant Day Makeup to glamorous and enchanting Glam/Night Makeup, and the picture-perfect Prom Makeup for that unforgettable night, our skilled artist is here to enhance your beauty. Let us bring your makeup dreams to life.

Day Makeup


The Clean girl aesthetic look or No Makeup, Makeup look.

Can be worn during the day and reads well in natural daylight. 

  • Foundation is light to medium coverage. Natural bronzer and neutral eyeshadow.  

  • Lip gloss or tinted lip balm.

  • Brows combed and/or gel backed for a softer finish. 

Evening Makeup


Evening makeup is a Sophisticated and Dramatic cosmetic application designed to enhance your features and create a captivating look suitable for nighttime events, parties, or special occasions.

  • Medium to Full foundation coverage, 

  • Dramatic Eyes,

  • Defined Brows,

  • Statement Lips and

  • Glowing Highlights.

**False Lashes have an additional cost**

Prom Makeup


Prom makeup allows individuals to express their personal style, whether it's classic and timeless or trendy and bold.

It's a memorable part of the prom experience, designed to make young adults feel confident and beautiful for this special occasion.

False Lashes (Falsies)


This service includes the purchase of False Lashes and Cassandra placing them on the client.

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