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How to Book Training:

Email for availability.

1.5 Day Classic Training (Hybrid Learning): Text

Classic Lash Extension Training. (Hybrid Learning)

Online Theory followed by 1.5 Day's of Hands-on Training

This option is great for anyone who would prefer to learn the theory component of this training from home, at their own pace, followed by hands on, in-person support and practice with a trainer. 

Our comprehensive curriculum will cover everything you need to know to successfully start your journey in the lash industry. Training can be scheduled any two consecutive days - Monday to Saturday (Sunday's we are closed). 

What is covered with this course?

This course covers the fundamentals of lash extensions and provides you with the skills to perfom Classic Lash Extensions.

Please note, this course does not cover Hybrid, Volume or Advanced techniques. 

What is included with this Course?

With this course you will receive...

  1. Pro-Training Kit.

  2. Access to Online Training Portal (1 Month).

  3. Full Training Manual that includes everything covered online and in class.

  4. 1.5 days of hands on training.

  5. Certificate in Classic Lash Extensions.

  6. Student Discounts on Lash X Brow Products and Services.

  7. Lifetime mentorship and coaching. 

What will be covered in training?

Legal Considerations

Lash Theory



Health & Safety

Client Consultations

Client & Lash Care

Product Knowledge

All About Lash Adhesive

Lash Design

Application Process and Classic Lash Extensions

How to Determine Volume Suitability

Lash Hygiene (Aftercare)

Lash Fills

Lash Removals

Room Setup & Supplies


What is included in the Training Kit?

x1 Training Mannequin Head​

x1 Practice Lashes for Mannequin Head (5 pairs)

x20 Under Eye Gel Pads

x1 Jade Stone

x2 Sheets of Glue Stickers

x1 Eyelash Primer

x1 Quick Bond Lash Adhesive

x1 Cream Remover

x1 Lash Tape

x1 Lash Fan

x1 Package of Lip Applicators 

x1 Package of Mascara Wands

x4 Lash Trays in Mixed Lengths

x1 Classic Pick Up Tweezers

x1 Isolation Tweezers

How much does this course cost?

 $999 + Tax

Please note that the total cost of the course is due upon enrolling as students will immediately be provided with access to the online portal and training kit. Training kits must be picked up in-person or can be shipped to student at an additional cost. (Shipping cost will be determined by shipping carrier and destination). 

Practice Models.

Students are responsible for arranging their own models to work on during model days.

2 models are required in order to receive your certification. If students are unable to find models, please provide notice and we will try our best effort to provide models for you. 


To book training or for more information, please email us at

1.5 Day Classic Training (Hybrid Learning): Text

Breakdown of Schedule:

Training hours are typically 10am to 4pm.
In-Person portion is scheduled any consecutive 2 days (Monday to Saturday).

  • Prior to scheduled in-person training

    • Student to complete Online Theory. **Must be completed prior to in-person training.**

  • Day 1 of In-Person Training 

    • 10:00am to 12:30pm - Recap theory and complete practice activities.

    • 12:30pm to 1:00pm - Lunch

    • 1:00pm to 4:00pm - First Model

  • Day 2 of In-Person Training 

    • 10:00am - 12:00am - Second Model 

    • 12:00pm to 12:30pm - Debrief and Wrap up

1.5 Day Classic Training (Hybrid Learning): Text



We will not provide partial or full refunds, exchanges or store credits if you miss your in-person training. We will reschedule your in-person training a maximum of 1x provided that 48 hours notice is given. 

Good eye sight is VERY important in order to provide this service. If you wear glasses or contacts or have experienced issues with your vision, we strongly encourage you to check your prescription prior to booking training. 

1.5 Day Classic Training (Hybrid Learning): Text
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